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Crafting Raze — A Visual Odyssey From Sketches To 3D Design – December 15, 2023

Different versions of Raze's design.

Explore the stages of designing Raze!

In the ever-evolving realm of character design, the road truly is long from concept to creation.

Join us as we embark on an exploration of how we created Raze – the dangerous Z-Kron bacterium from the BIOWARS comic book — and witness as his design unfolds from initial sketches to full-color renditions, and finally, the immersive depth of 3D design.

The Genesis — Sketches

Raze is a genetically enhanced gram-negative bacterium and he carries a deadly virus within himself.

He’s dangerous because his exoskeleton is covered with poisonous pili spikes and he possesses razor-sharp talons on both his hands and feet.

Like all Biowars characters, Raze’s features are based on real-life biology, and his design reflects that.

The initial designs of Raze were black-and-white sketches.

Our lead artist, Goncalo, started off by designing Raze’s exoskeleton and talons. Then he made Raze’s head more fearsome and enriched the body with spikes:

Three different sketches of Raze — an evil bacterium from the Biowars comic book.
The initial sketches of Raze.

Designing a character is usually a long process that involves a lot of experimenting and re-designing.

For example, we tried several designs of Raze’s face:

Different versions of Raze's face.
Crafting Raze’s face meant a lot of experimenting.

After he created the initial sketches, Goncalo then began to tweak the size of Raze’s body parts, including his head, hands, legs and muscles. He also gave Raze a tail:

Sketches of Raze with added tail.
We gave Raze a tail in the next stage.

Although we liked Raze’s initial looks, we wanted to enhance them and make him look scarier. After all, the guy is pure evil.

Goncalo made Raze’s body bulkier, with powerful arms and legs that look like the big guy hasn’t missed a day in the gym since who knows when.

Let’s not forget that we based Biowars characters on real-life biology, so in this phase, we gave Raze pili, like E. Coli.

We also broke his tail into several parts, again, to resemble the look of E. Coli:

Designs of Raze with pili.
Designs of bulkier Raze with pili.

We liked the direction in which we were heading, so we continued to tweak Raze’s appearance to make him look even more fearsome.

Goncalo changed Raze’s face and gave him a bigger mouth and sharper teeth.

Since Raze carries a deadly virus within, we wanted to make that even more obvious so we made that middle part larger than before.

Goncalo also added more spikes to Raze’s body, removed some pili and changed his tail:

Raze's body with more spikes.
More spikes made Raze all the more fearsome!

The Inking Stage

Once we were happy with Raze’s sketch, next came the inking stage.

While adding the inks, Goncalo wanted to make Raze’s appearance even more vicious.

He toyed a bit with the size of Raze’s teeth and changed the look of his eyes and head:

A black-and-white ink design of Raze.
From sketches to inks — Raze has come a long way!

The interplay of darker and lighter inks and the electric-like details gave Raze depth, complementing his deadly nature.

A Splash Of Life — The Coloring Stage

Next came the coloring.

At first, we kept the colors quite subdued, with burgundy hues occasionally interrupted with some firey orange shades: 

Colored design of Raze.
Colored designs were initially darker.

Since Raze is deadly and vile, we then decided to play with neon green hues and combine them with deep burgundy shades.

We colored his body in dark shades and added splashes of neon in the spaces between Raze’s exoskeleton:

Another version of colored designs of Raze.
Neon green hues enhance Raze’s vicious nature.

The Leap To Three Dimensions

The climax of Raze’s journey arrived with the leap into the dynamic world of 3D design.

In the third dimension, Goncalo managed to bring Raze to life and give him more depth, making Raze’s design all the more immersive.

Just look at him:

3D design of Raze.
Raze in the third dimension!

As we conclude Raze’s visual odyssey and his transformation from sketches, to inks, colors, and, lastly, 3D designs, we invite you to continue to explore the other Biowars characters came to be.

The visual journeys we share with you are a testament to the boundless creativity within the artist’s mind and a great insight into the way characters come to life!


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