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Introducing Scathe In 3D — December 17, 2023
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Scathe in 3D.

Scathe’s extraordinary 3D design!

Here at BIOWARS’ creative lab, we continue to work on 3D designs of our characters.

This time around, we’d like to introduce you to the powerful macrophage BIOWARRIORScathe!

2D and 3D design of Scathe.
Scathe’s compelling designs in 2D and 3D — side by side!

Scathe’s tentacles look even stronger in 3D and the interplay of shadow and light brings him to life in a way we’ve never seen before.

In Scathe’s journey from 2D to 3D, his ferociously protective nature is preserved, yet enhanced, giving him a whole new dimension.

Biowars comic book
Uncover the battle raging within!
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