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How to Build a Superhero From Sketch
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Scathe progression

One of the coolest parts of making your own comic book involves looking back at the earlier sketches and comparing them to the newest storyboards. We’re launching the actual comic book in just a few months, which means we’re in crunch time. With Free Comic Book Day this weekend, we’re releasing our BioWarriors into the wild in the form of SWAG at select NYC comic book shops. So we figured it was pretty good timing for a formal introduction of one of our favorite characters, including a look back at where he started out.

Meet Scathe: his mission is to destroy invaders of the immune system.

Free Comic Book Day Sticker: Scathe

But he didn’t always look this good.

There were rounds of sketches, revisions, rejections and returning to the drawing board. Here’s a look at the many versions of this central Biowars character, Scathe:

Round 1 Sketches:


Round 1 Rendering (rejected):

Scathe Rejected Sketch

Looks can be deceiving, huh? Even his name was carefully chosen to represent the dangerous nature of the character in spite of his overall allegiance to the good side. This version was rejected in favor of something even bigger and more powerful, without relying on an angry expression:

Round 2 Sketch:


This guy literally eats viruses and bacteria for breakfast. He uses his tentacles to pull enemies into an acid-filled abdominal cavity.


Final Promo:

Free Comic Book Day - Biowars

Read more about Scathe and his role in the Biowars in the Field Guide. If you’re in NYC this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, look for Scathe SWAG at comic book shops like JHU Comics and Forbidden Planet!


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