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St. Patrick’s Day Luckiest Superheroes


On St. Patrick’s Day you might be looking to get a little lucky. If there aren’t any four leaf clovers, horseshoes, or Leprechauns to be found, you might want to consider taking a more heroic choice to your lucky charm this year. For all of their battles, superheroes need all the luck they can get when they leave their home base and jump into the fray. That said, some heroes tend to be a little luckier than others. To commemorate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Luckiest Superhero’s you might want to be thinking about the next time you scratch off a lottery ticket.

  1. Domino

As part of the X-Men’s secret squad, X-Force, Domino is a master markswoman, and an expert at hand-to-hand combat. While those skills alone make her a formidable foe, Domino also has the mutant ability to subconsciously alter probability in her favor, or to her enemies chagrin. In the past, this has power has manifested by allowing her to miss pointblank gunfire, to even calling down lightning on her enemies. Should ever the X-Men need a little luck on the battlefield, they know exactly where to turn.

Longshot - Marvel Comics
  1. Longshot

Having a bad day? Did your car breakdown? Maybe you lost your job? You might want to consider blaming Longshot for your troubles. A mutant in the Marvel universe, Longshot was gifted with the ability to magically and mutantly alter luck. While being able to directly influence probability makes him one an innately luckier superhero, Longshot has come to realize that all of his positive luck is drawn from the people around him, making his powers act more like s luck leech than anything else. This makes dealing with Longshot slightly more troublesome, but the only true question that comes to our minds is “Who do YOU think deserves a bad day?”

Jinx - DC Comics - Teen Titans
  1. Jinx

In the DC universe, Jinx is a nemesis of the Teen Titans. While she does not have the innate ability to alter luck in comic books, during Cartoon Network’s 2003 “Teen Titans”, Jinx is reimagined as a teenaged girl with the ability to actively control bad luck. Utilizing her powers, Jinx was able to cause Earth tremors, make other heroes’ powers backfire, and much more. Ultimately, Jinx threw her villainy aside and became a superhero, bringing her charms to the Teen Titans as a full on superhero.

Scarlet Witch - Marvel Comics
  1. Scarlet Witch

Everyone wants a little magic in their lives. For the Avenger’s Wanda Maximoff (better known to her team as The Scarlet Witch), magic is more of a way of life than anything else. Armed with the mutant power to generate “Hex Bolts”, Scarlet Witch makes her own luck, changing reality to her every whim.

Scarlet Witch - No More Mutants

In one of the most notorious moments in Marvel history, Wanda unravels the fabric of reality by creating a world where mutants no longer existed during the eight-issue series House of M. Luck is no object when reality itself shapes around your every breath!

Constantine - DC Comics
  1. Constantine

To be clear, Constantine is not a lucky man. His soul has been claimed by the devil, and he often practices magic has severe negative effects on him. While he doesn’t have any direct dominion over luck or probability like our other heroes, Constantine is well-known for being a con man. Placing himself into otherworldly situations, Constantine has been known to cheat death, trick devils, and even blackmail God himself. While he may not always be handed a great set of cards, Constantine forges his own luck, and finds a way to come out on top.


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