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Super-Strength Slugfest: Solomon Grundy vs. Juggernaut
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Solomon Grundy vs Juggernaut

In this match-up, zombie supervillain Solomon Grundy takes on the unstoppable Juggernaut! While neither character may have much in the brains department, they both bring an unimaginable amount of brawn.

Solomon Grundy of the Injustice Gang

An unsavory inhabitant of Gotham City circa 1895, Cyrus Gold met a grisly fate; he was murdered in the mysterious Slaughter Swamp. Decades later, Gold was reanimated as the undead Solomon Grundy. In this form, he possessed superhuman strength and durability, and is functionally immortal. Over the years he has clashed with dozens of heroes, most significantly with Superman, Batman, and original Green Lantern Alan Scott.

Occasionally when Solomon Grundy recovers from a death, he is gifted with more than a rudimentary intelligence and a desire for pants. Such was the case in the JLA storyline “The Tornado’s Path.” In that arc, Solomon Grundy concocts a plan to gain Professor Ivo’s immortality, so that he can end his constant cycle of death and rebirth. Grundy clashes with the Justice League, and later finds himself in a one-on-one with Ivo’s greatest creation: the heroic Red Tornado. In a brutal battle, Grundy had the upper hand (quite literally) as he managed to rip off Red Tornado’s right arm. In the end however, Red Tornado was able to create winds in excess of 300 mph to stop this incarnation of Grundy once and for all.

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Juggernaut of the X-Men

Cain Marko bullied his stepbrother, Charles Xavier (later known as Professor X) when they were children as he resented Xavier being their parents’ favored son. After leaving home to briefly become a mercenary, Marko was reunited with his stepbrother during the Korean War, in which they were members of the same unit. When Marko deserted in the heat of battle, he was pursued by Xavier, who witness Marko’s discovery of the Gem of Cytorrak. The mystical jewel transformed Marko into a human Juggernaut, a being of supreme strength and unstoppable momentum.

During the “Fear Itself” event, Cain Marko was deemed worthy by one of the villainous Asgardian Serpent’s enchanted hammers, and after lifting it he was transformed into Kuurth, Breaker of Stone. Possessed by the magicks of the mystical weapon, Marko set forth on a path of destruction, beginning with the supervillain prison known as The Raft, which led to the escapes of many super-criminals. Marko continued his rampage from New York to San Francisco, where he was confronted by the Uncanny X-Men. While Marko initially prevailed, Wolverine was able to defeat him with the aid of specially-made Asgardian Uru armor.


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