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The Top 5 Hero Homes in Comics
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If you’re a superhero looking for a homebase to call your own, you need to decide on what your essentials are.  Is it there a certain number of bathrooms you need? Or a particular type of kitchen? Will you need computer access to your city’s mainframe, or a security system equipped with missiles, turrets, and cyborgs?  What you decide is very important.  Anyone can tell you that a serious superhero needs a serious base to call their own. To help you decide on what might  make the cut for YOUR super base, we’ve made a list of the top 5 bases that other heroes call their own. Be warned, some of these features may seem a little fancy, but if you’re planning on taking your crime fighting seriously you’ll be happy you invested.

DC Comics Fortress of Solitude
  1. The Fortress of Solitude

Are you the strong, silent type? So is the Fortress of Solitude. Located in the Arctic, the Fortress of Solitude is the home away from home for fan-favorite superhero, Superman. Despite being owned by one of the most powerful heroes on the planet, there isn’t anything all that super about the Fortress of Solitude. While the fortress is mostly impenetrable, and comes equipped with a fully automated robot butler with the sole purpose of fulfilling Superman’s every whim, Superman mostly uses The Fortress of Solitude to collect his thoughts. He really uses the Fortress  to do what we all do at home – unwind.  Even  champions of the people  need to squeeze in some Netflix time every now and then.

Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

  1. The X-Mansion

If you’re interested in learning more about English, Politics, and the best way to suppress hostiles in a hostage situation, you might be interested in living at Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Trained in secret, the X-Men originally joined Charles Xavier’s school to get a better handle on using their mutant abilities, but have grown to become soldiers in the ongoing battle for mutant civil rights. A special school needs special features, and Charles Xavier’s school has that in spades. In addition to having fully automated defenses, students are trained to protect themselves by spending time in The Danger Room, a pseudo-gym armed with lethal weaponry for students to flex their powers. Are you more of a brainy type? No worries – The school also comes equipped with Cerebro, a machine that allows telepaths to mentally discover, track, and communicate with any living mutant on Earth. Without a doubt, everything you learn here WILL be applicable to real life situations.

Avenger's Tower
  1. Avenger’s Tower | Stark Tower

Control center of a multi-billion dollar business? Check. Bachelor pad for one of the most notorious successful playboys? Check. Headquarters for Earth’s mightiest heroes? Check. Housed on the shoulders of Stark Industries, Tony Stark originally created the Stark Tower as a glorified bachelor’s pad. After taking on the mantle of Iron Man, he made the decision to redub his new digs “Avenger’s Tower”, and handed the keys over to his team. This was a pretty sweet deal for The Avengers, and Stark rarely lets them forget it. In addition to all of the standard modern day luxuries, Avenger’s Tower is outfitted with a top of the line War Room, and holds the team’s notorious Quinjet. What more could a superhero group ask for?

The Watchtower
  1. The Watchtower

If you’ve ever been a part of a superhero team, you know that discreetness is everything. When you’re so important that you can’t even discuss your day-to-day plans on Earth, you’ve pretty much made it. Realizing that they needed a place to call their own, The Justice League made the decision to build The Watchtower on the surface of Earth’s moon in order to hold team meetings, launch counterattacks against villains, and, when appropriate, crack open a beer or two. Having a space pad still not convincing you?  Well, maybe you’d be interested in knowing that The Watchtower sports its own aquarium, alien-based green room, and an armory equipped with all of the hero’s vital equipment. Beam us up, Batman!

The Batcave
  1. The Batcave

If you’re the “mancave” type, you might be interested in more of a secret hideaway. Hands down, Batman, comic’s favorite introvert, mastered the “mancave’ when he tricked out his Batcave to the point where it puts other hero bases to shame.

Are you looking to upgrade from your old iMac? Why not upgrade to the  Batcave’s supercomputer? It’s can run forensic tests, break into your city’s records, and (probably) play League of Legends all at the same time! Love open spaces and high ceilings? Room won’t be a problem in The Batcave, which allows for holding the Batmobile, Batman’s personal plane, the Batwing, and all of Batman’s personal equipment.

Who says money can’t buy happiness?


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