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10 Degrees of Superman Deviations

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How do you spot a superhero? His iconic costume, duh.

Every new version, volume, installment or resurrection of popular superheroes may feature new plot twists or interpretations – but the appearance of the main character always remains the same.

This is why fan art (re-interpretations of popular comics) is so popular: it’s easy to add your own spin while always keeping it clear who you’re representing. It’s also why costumes are such a huge part of the pre-release movie buzz (i.e. today’s Captain America costume reveal).

Notice how each of these artistic interpretations has a totally unique style, yet America’s favorite superhero is instantly recognized:

1. A watercolor-like look:

Superman Interpretation

2. Child-like illustration with a “cute” feel to it:

Childlike Superman Illustration

3. Based on the original Superman Movie:

Original Superman Movie Art

4. A dark, resurrection pose:

Superman Resurrected

5. Half funny, half depressing. 100% interesting:

Old Superman

6. Art Deco Superman:

Art Deco Superman

7. Evil Superbot

Evil Superbot

8. A sepia-like twist:

Superman Faded Color Drawing

9. Created using a “rapidograph”, used for architectural drawings:

rapidograph superman interpretation


10. I think this is a calf?

Superman Tattoo


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