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Gamma-9’s Evolution From 2D to 3D — December 4, 2023


Hello, BIOWARS squad!

Today, we’ll share with you the journey of yet another hero from the exciting world of 2D to an even more immersive realm of 3D.

Created by Goncalo (you know him by now as the lead BIOWARS artist), Gamma-9 in 3D transcends the boundaries of the screen!

Take a look at 2D and 3D versions next to one another:

2D and 3D design of Gamma-9 - a Biowarrior.
Let’s observe Gamma-9’s journey from 2D to 3D!

Sure, 2D looks cool (even if we do say so ourselves), but in 3D, Gamma-9 steps into a new dimension that brings him closer to you more than ever before!

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