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Blastor Sketch to Promo
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LC Humron July 23 2012

Our artists are working around the clock to get storyboards done in time for our summer launch. Every day, they send their latest versions for revisions and edits. It’s pretty cool to see how far your characters have come along since initial mockups and concepts.


Supreme commander of the BCells, Blastor redefines “good guy”. He’s a fierce BioWarrior with his head in the game, fighting viruses and bacteria like it’s his job. (Well, it is.) Look at how he’s transformed since we began to create Biowars:

Round 1 Sketch:


Round 1 Concept:

Round 2 Sketch:

Round 2 Concept:

Final Concept:


In Action:


Sutura Initial Sketch:


Sutura Now:


Throughout the entire project, we’ve been posting artwork to Facebook, Twitter and DeviantArt – because fan feedback is huge in this field. And it’s definitely paid off. From color preferences to coming up with character names, our fans have played an active role from the beginning. And the best part? It’s still happening! If you’re a comic book freak or even a biology student looking for a nice break from studying, definitely speak up and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!



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