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The Biology of Biowars: You’ve got a Lot of Nerve (Cells)


Key to the makeup and function of the entire human body is the tiny – but powerful – nerve cell.

Imagine putting your hand on a hot stove. Your first reaction (hopefully) is to pull away as quickly as possible and nurse your wounds. In the split second your hand rests on a burning surface, your skin cells immediately blast nerve impulses to the spinal cord through your nerve cells, signaling a reflexive motion in the arm. In this way, the nerve cells are massively important to preserving the health of our bodies, both internally and externally.

The primary cell within the nervous system, these powerhouses serve as the primary communicator between the numerous different systems inside of the Biocosmos. Without these cells – like our BioWarrior Sensurian – it would be nearly impossible to transmit messages between the Central Nervous System, the brain and the immune system.

Nerve Cells in the BioCosmos

In the first issue of Biowars, we’re introduced to Sensurian, an agent of the Central Nervous System tasked with the essential mission of running sensitive messages directly between the Council of the Mind and the BioWarriors within the immune system.

As a leading messenger nerve cell, she shares information about microbe and virus troop movements and command strategy that is absolutely vital to the survival of both her friends on the battlefield and the entire BioCosmos.

Much like nerve cells in the actual human body, Sensurian is electrically excitable, meaning she travels through the neural networks in the BioCosmos at blinding speeds, ushered on by the electrical and chemical signals coming from synapses. That electric energy impacts Sensurian’s personality as well – she’s quick-witted, bright and has little patience for slowness. Nerve cells have no time to waste!


Damaged Nerve Cells

Sensurian proves that nerve cells are incredibly resilient, however, they can be damaged or die off like any other cells in the body. Unlike other cells, however, many of these nerve cells cannot repair or renew themselves. Once they are damaged, the nervous system can feel the impact through certain illnesses and diseases.

In the Biowars comics, we meet Nero, a colleague of Sensurian’s and another high ranking nerve cell that reports directly into the Council of the Mind. Unhappy with his role as messenger, Nero strives for glory on the battlefield and engages in one-on-one combat with the invading pathogen leader Viron. The battle unfortunately doesn’t go as planned, and Nero is simultaneously infected with the virus attacking Alex Hawking’s body and subjected to x-ray radiation from the outside world.

Rather than dying, as a normal nerve cell might do, Nero’s infection and exposure combined to force a painful mutation that transformed him into the cancerous Omni-Cell known as Carcin.


Following the transformation, Carcin possesses the abilities he did as a messenger nerve cell, the abilities of a B-Cell, and the abilities of a Macrophage, making him a massive threat to the entire BioCosmos – even larger than that of the attacking armies led by Viron and Raze.

If you want to learn more about the BioWarriors and see what happens with the rise of Carcin, check out our digital comic books and start reading today!

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