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Villain Catfight: Dark Phoenix v. Harley Quinn

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Once again, we see a battle between a DC Comic and Marvel character, but this time, we see specifically a super villain face-off. Each lady, Dark Phoenix and Harley Quinn, were intelligent humans at one time that had plenty to offer society, but each made the unfortunate change to the dark side.

Dark Phoenix, originally known as Jean Grey-Summers, actually began as a superhero and a member of X-Men. She first saw the premature signs of her powers at the ripe young age of 10, and although doctors attempted to suppress her powers until she reached maturity, Jean eventually grew into her powers with ease. She was soon noticed for her immense telekinetic powers by X-Men, and joined as a member soon after.

dark phoenix

Her strong telekinetic abilities drew Mastermind to her, and in attempt to overcome her powers, he caused her to go insane by mental manipulation, creating what we now know as the Dark Phoenix. As Phoenix, Jean was outfitted with the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, the ability to fly at astronomical speeds, and of course, her ability to change the molecular structure of matter. Following her fall from grace to Dark Phoenix, her character was even stronger as she became a well-known super villain in the comic book world.

Born as a brilliant human in Gotham, Harley Quinn was once a well-known psychiatrist. After meeting the popular villain The Joker, she soon made her switch to the dark side after an intense obsession with him sparked during her work with him as a patient. After falling in love with him, he used her apparent weakness for him to his advantage, manipulating her to break him out of the asylum in which he was held.

Out of love for the Joker, Harley Quinn made it her mission to spread terror and mayhem in a way that would most impress him, in hopes of him falling in love for her as well. Her immense energy and lack of concern for others, (especially herself) makes her a strong opponent as she continues to act out of dire love for the Joker by spreading fear across Gotham.

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