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What to Expect From the Wolverine

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By Scott Humphrey

Hugh Jackman has now played The Wolverine six times, and is currently shooting the next X-Men movie for his seventh outing; making this the most any actor has ever played the same comic book character on film, by far.

So, what can we expect from The Wolverine?  The story line is based on the graphic novel by Chris Claremont, Frank Miller (Illustrator), Paul Martin Smith, and has elements of dark drama, romance, and human frailty.  Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of The Wolverine has had an emotional core since the very first X-Men movie, and this latest adaptation follows very closely to the gritty depiction so keenly executed by Frank Miller and company.


By all indicators this highly anticipated movie looks to be a defining film for this character.  The story takes place after X-Men 3: The Last Stand, when Logan is drifting, alone, and seemingly without purpose or lifelines.  The compelling story of The Wolverine has as much to do with his incredible mutations, as with his longing for humanity.

What a great scenario to put him in too; fighting samurais in modern day Japan.  What better way to showcase the killer claws?  The real golden egg in this story, I feel, will be the Silver Samurai.  Although it is unclear exactly how the Silver Samurai will be presented; there are some apparent changes and merges being made in the story.


I don’t consider myself a “fanboy”, so I’m not particularly tied to every nuance of story or character that has been created in the canon.  I like adaptation, as long as it serves the story well.  I expect great things from The Wolverine, mostly because the trailers emphasize an internal struggle of despair for Logan, and his expectant rise from that.

Hugh Jackman is great at making this character a fully flawed and emotional being that fights for what is right.  I expect a dark journey in search of life’s meaning, an interesting discovery of what it truly means to be an immortal superhero, and how The Wolverine is still the best at what he does, even though what he does isn’t very nice.

Scott Humphrey is a digital marketing specialist and writer for Blue Fountain Media.  He has also written for a variety of online magazines, blogs, and websites on many different topics.  When he is not stalking the internet for comic book and superhero material, he is intently focused on being awesome.



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