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Z-Kron Virus
Infectious microbe, dire threat to the BIOCOSMOS.
Devious and power hungry, a savage fighter who corrupts all he touches.
  • Wields a needle-like stinger to inject viral DNA into its hosts.
  • DNA reprograms victim’s genetic structure, turning it into a zombie-like slave.
  • Host eventually ruptures, releasing a new breed of virus offspring that will spread the infection further.
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Viron Profile

Viron is the second half of the Z-Kron Microbe (the other being Raze). Initially a member of Raze’s viral legion, he soon rebels, creating his own separate faction bent on domination of the BIOCOSMOS.

Like Raze, Viron takes sadistic pleasure in their destruction; unlike Raze, he prefers a more subtle approach. Viron and his forces lurk in the shadows and use their needle-like FANGS to inject viral DNA into their living victims. Once infected, the hapless BIOWARRIORS become unwitting incubators for more viruses, which burst free sometime later to further spread the contagion.

Viron is a schemer who believes his superiority is natural, the result of billions of years of evolution. He wants to rule the BIOCOSMOS himself, but knows he can’t defeat both Raze and the Immune System’s defenders simultaneously. His plan is to quietly build his own forces while Raze and Blastor battle it out. When the time is right he will strike, wiping out his enemies and seizing control for himself.

viral cells
Viruses are small but dangerous and can make their host sick.


A virus is a microscopic infectious pathogen that infects living organisms, including humans, animals, plants and even bacteria.


virus bacteria
Viruses and bacteria comparison.

Viruses vs. Bacteria

Viruses can’t survive on their own and they need to live inside another organism to survive, while bacteria can make it by themselves.

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BIOWARS characters


Mutated Bacterium

Invasive pathogen, dire threat to the BIOCOSMOS.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

An Intelligence Agent whose specialty is analysis and strategy.

Alpha 1

BIOWARS characters


Messenger Cell

An agent of the Central Nervous System that travels at the speed of thought.

Sensurian 2

BIOWARS characters



Scathe is one of the BIOCOSMOS’ most ferocious defenders.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

Gamma-9 possesses the ability to analyze and isolate the origin of an infection.

Gamma 9

BIOWARS characters


Z-Kron Bacterium

Genetically enhanced bacterium that carries a deadly virus within.


BIOWARS characters


Fibroblast Medic BIOWARRIOR

Weaves healing webs that mend tissue damaged in battle.

sutura final

BIOWARS characters


Natural Killer Cell

Uses genetic scanners to reveal viruses hiding within any life form.

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