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Alpha-1’s T-Cell companion at Lymph Outpost 1818, the headquarters from which they coordinate the movements of Blastor’s B-Cells and Phagien’s Macrophages using data conveyed from the Council of the Mind by way of Messenger Cells. Logical and perceptive, he refrains from developing friendships with BioWarriors, knowing their lifespans are often brief.


Second in command of the B-Cell Legion and Blastor’s closest friend, Humron uses his antibody cannons, protective cyto-skeletal armor, and genetic duplicates to battle any and all invasive pathogens that threaten the BioCosmos. He also uses a cutting wit—against friends and foes alike.

Janice Lee

A young, hyper-ambitious journalist who becomes Alex Hawking’s unlikely ally in his struggle to expose The Combine. Sure that she’s found the story of the century and will ultimately be rewarded with respect and fame, she soon finds herself on the run, using her resourcefulness to survive.


A legendary Macrophage war cry that refers to the disintegration of enemies by the acidic lysosomal enzymes.

Marcus Hawking

A famed researcher and idealist who discovers his friend and business partner, Ernst Kelso, has made a devil’s bargain with an evil cabal known as The Combine. When he learns some of their plans, The Combine targets him for assassination—but not before he passes on what he’s unearthed to his estranged son, Alex.


Nero is a messenger nerve cell who, in contrast to his fellow couriers, such as Sensurian, resents his unheralded but key role in the BioCosmos. He desires glory, the type that only comes from triumph on the battlefield. Eventually, this desperate need will lead to tragedy—for himself, and for the BioCosmos as a whole.


A bio-engineered deadly bacteria created by The Combine, he is the initial carrier of the Z-Kron virus, which is hidden within his bacterial genes. After breaching the BioCosmic Universe and escaping a brutal battle with the Biowarriors, he uses Conjugation to pass the Z-Kron virus on to a swarm of harmless bacteria—transforming them into deadly fighters who carry within them an even deadlier secret that will burst forth when least expected.

Ruan Jia

A major figure in the Chinatown underworld and Janice Lee’s estranged uncle. Jia is merciless, cunning, and vengeful. When he discovers The Combine is offering a reward for Janice and Alex, he recognizes a golden opportunity to increase his own power.


A feared member of the Macrophage Corps, known equally for his vicious persona and lack of discipline. This feral nature often puts him at odds with Blastor and Humron. Like all Macrophages, his body swells to greater size and strength when stimulated for battle, and strikes at his foes with chemical heat blasts. He uses his tentacles to pull pestilent microbes into an abdominal cavity filled with corrosive acids.

Senator Joel Ames

This U.S. Senator was a college friend of Marcus Hawking. When Hawking finds himself in The Combine’s crosshairs, he gives a USB drive containing their secrets to his son, Alex—and tells him to get it to Joel Ames, who is acclaimed for his honesty and social awareness. Ames is the only person in a position of power that Marcus trusts.


An effervescent messenger cell who traverses the neural super highway at the speed of thought, conveying vital information from the Council of the Mind to BioWarriors scattered throughout the BioCosmic Universe. The only thing she loves more than her role is the B-Cell Blastor, though he considers her only a friend and valuable comrade.

Social Engineering

The practice of influencing the attitudes, behavior, and growth of society as a whole. The Combine is engaged in a long term effort to re-engineer society it its own image, utilizing bio-technology.


The healing Fibroblast who shares a special bond with the B-Cell Commander, Blastor. A gentle soul in a universe filled with violence, she believes she can heal all wounds using the fibrous webs she secretes, which also enable her to entangle enemies and seal off contaminated corridors.


A Natural Killer Cell who, along with Cid, is summoned to scenes of battle to annihilate infected tissue using cytotoxic blasts. Because she must destroy infected BioWarriors as often as she does bacteria and viruses, her appearance is greeted not with celebration by her allies, but fear and respect.


Once, she was just a harmless eColi bacteria named Bacter. Her tribe was peaceful, seeking only a home in which to grow and strive—and thought they’d found paradise upon first entering the BioCosmic Universe through a cut in Alex’s hand. When the Macrophages wiped them out, Bacter barely escaped—and was found by Raze, who used Conjugation to mutate her into something far more menacing to the health of the BioCosmos. Now, she’s bigger, stronger, and can use her spiked talons and poisonous spikes to tear apart BioWarriors. She has a special hatred for Scathe.