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Advanced BioWarriors of the Immune System. Each of these BioWarriors has the ability to create up to seven short-lived clones of himself, enhancing their numbers against dangerous foes. Additionally, cyto-skeletal armor envelops their bodies during battle, and they are equipped with antibody cannons. They are deployed by the Informatory T-Cells from numerous Lymph Outposts scattered throughout the body.


A harmless, peace-seeking eColi bacterium who is her tribe’s sole survivor when they are attacked by the Macrophage Corps. She is found by Raze, who uses Conjugation to transform her into the deadly Tenzor.


Microscopic organisms that enter the BioCosmos from the Beyond. Some are dangerous, but many others are benign or even beneficial to their Hosts. They have the amazing ability to transfer genes and powers through the ancient ritual process of Conjugation. Through this a benign bacteria can mutate instantly into a life threatening pathogen.


The living, breathing world within the human body. Inhabited by trillions of cells, this vast alien-like terrain hosts many different life forms. Some are friendly and loyal to the cause of the whole, while others are invading predators who seek its destruction and dominance.


The life force of every cell, including BioWarriors. Trillions of cells inhabit the BioCosmos, all of which are linked together and to the subconscious mind of their mysterious host. When this supreme being’s will is strong, the cells become more energized, their biods glowing more brightly. Conversely, when the will of the host is weak, the strength of its cells diminishes in equal measure, their biods dimming. When this occurs, the BioCosmos as a whole becomes more vulnerable to bacterial incursions and viral infections.


The warrior cells of the Immune System, dedicated to protecting the life and health of the BioCosmos. In the world of the Biowars, the BioWarriors and Messenger Nerve Cells are given humanoid forms, while retaining their real life cellular powers. The B-Cells, Macrophages, Messenger Cells, Fibroblasts, Natural Killer Cells, and T-Cells, are some of the most prominent BioWarriors. Each has its own specific role to play in order to maintain the living Cosmos’ delicate balance, functions that often force them to put aside friendship and love.


The constant battle for survival that occurs within every body of every creature. In the epic struggle for life, the BioWarriors defend their home world—the BioCosmos—against the invasive forces of viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents. Life sometimes has a cruel twist, and the Biowars may also spark a battle of host versus host when one of the BioCosmos’ own cells turns against it. Agent cells can go rogue via contraction of a viral infection or through a genetic mutation. In the story of Biowars, the cells of the Immune System and Nervous System are given human forms, but retain their real world biological powers. All other cells retain their actual forms and biological functions.


The field general of the B-Cell Legion, one of the BioCosmic universe’s most advanced defense forces. Like other B-Cells, Blastor is protected by cyto-skeletal armor during battle, can create up to seven short-lived clones of himself, and is equipped with forearm-mounted antibody cannons. He’s a brilliant strategist, loyal friend, and is stubborn beyond measure.

Blood Cell

Oval shaped cells that circulate through the torrential circulatory pipelines that run throughout the BioCosmos, delivering life-sustaining oxygen to the body’s tissues. They are so crucial to the Universe’s survival that over two million of them are produced per second.