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Invasive organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and worms, that take sustenance from the bodies of other living creatures. They can be harmless, but many are threatening to their hosts—as Raze, Viron, and Tenzor are to the BioCosmos of Alex Hawking’s body.


An infectious life form that infiltrates the BioComos from The Beyond and begins to replicate and spread. Gram negative bacteria and viruses are both pathogens as their presence is a menace and a poison to the health of the BioCosmos.


Leader of the Macrophage Corps, the Universe’s deadliest defenders. A legend in his own right, he often finds himself caught between reining in Scathe and harnessing his skills. Like other members of his Corps, he can fire chemical heat blasts, pull enemies into his acid-filled abdominal cavity with his tentacles, and grow to greater size and strength in preparation for battle.


Tentacle-like arms used by bacteria to transfer their genetic material to a weaker strain. Upon the transfer of the genetic material, the weaker strain undergoes immediate transformation, mutating into a more powerful and infectious bacteria.


A disease that becomes widespread and which has a high mortality rate among its victims. One example is The Black Death, which took millions of lives during the Dark Ages. Some believe it eventually gave rise to the Renaissance—and it is this cruel dynamic that The Combine wishes to reenact.


Clear-colored fluid which runs through the many corridors of the BioCosmos.


Severe pathogen invasion of the thoracic region causing damage to the lungs. It can be fatal if not treated swiftly and effectively.