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Advanced BioWarriors of the Immune System. Each of these BioWarriors has the ability to create up to seven short-lived clones of himself, enhancing their numbers against dangerous foes. Additionally, cyto-skeletal armor envelops their bodies during battle, and they are equipped with antibody cannons. They are deployed by the Informatory T-Cells from numerous Lymph Outposts scattered throughout the body.


The warrior cells of the Immune System, dedicated to protecting the life and health of the BioCosmos. In the world of the Biowars, the BioWarriors and Messenger Nerve Cells are given humanoid forms, while retaining their real life cellular powers. The B-Cells, Macrophages, Messenger Cells, Fibroblasts, Natural Killer Cells, and T-Cells, are some of the most prominent BioWarriors. Each has its own specific role to play in order to maintain the living Cosmos’ delicate balance, functions that often force them to put aside friendship and love.

Blood Cell

Oval shaped cells that circulate through the torrential circulatory pipelines that run throughout the BioCosmos, delivering life-sustaining oxygen to the body’s tissues. They are so crucial to the Universe’s survival that over two million of them are produced per second.


Biological duplicates created by B-Cells, each of which has all the same physical attributes as an ordinary B-Cell. When a battle is complete, clones disintegrate, their remains recycled by the BioCosmic Universe.


Healing cells of the BioCosmos. These graceful cells use fibrous webs to mend tissue damaged in the course of the Biowars, including fellow BioWarriors. Additionally, they can use their webs to ensnare enemies and seal off escape routes.


The Immune System’s answer to the Marine Corps. Aggressive, relentless, and ferociously dedicated to the eradication of pathogens, these warriors' bodies enlarge in anticipation of violence, and they have a number of weapons they can deploy in battle. Macrophages have tentacle-like pili that enable them to grasp foes and to pull them into their acid-filled abdominal cavities, which reduce infected cells to recyclable organic pus.

Messenger Cell

Cells of the Nervous System which transmit information from one part of the BioCosmos to another at the speed of thought, traveling along a vast neural super highway. The warriors of the Immune System utilize this information in the Biowars.

Natural Killer Cells

The NKC’s are the Immune System’s most feared and stealthiest BioWarriors, gifted with sensors that allow them to locate infected BioWarrior and tissue cells alike, no matter how well-hidden. Their cytotoxic blasts reduce corrupted cells to organic debris that is reclaimed by the BioCosmos. They are often called the “Silent Killers” by their BioWarrior comrades both because of their ability to arrive at a battlefield without warning and their aloofness.


A cell that has broken its natural imposed limitations and gains access to its entire genetic code. This is dangerous as the mutated cell can call up the genetic powers of any other cell, become almost all powerful, and nearly unstoppable. The Omni-cell poses an even greater threat because of its ability to genetically warp other cells, turning them into zombie-like slaves.


The Immune System’s “Intelligence Agents,” coordinating its response to pathogenic invasions by analyzing information received from the Council of the Mind, and using it to effectively deploy BioWarriors such as B-Cells, Macrophages, and Natural Killer Cells. They are based in satellite Lymph Nodes located throughout the BioCosmos.