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Council of the Mind

The octuplet of enigmatic, wizard-like supreme neuron cells who receive and disseminate a constant stream of messages from the host’s subconscious mind throughout the BioCosmic Universe. They alone among all cells can comprehend The Will of the Cosmos, but even they do not fully grasp the true nature of their host.


The BioCosmos’ outermost boundary otherwise known as the skin. It is the Cosmos’ first layer of protection against dangerous microbes, though some germs have developed the ability to penetrate this barrier. The Z-Kron microbe that threatens to bring about The Eternal Darkness first enters Alex Hawking’s body through his barrier.


The unknowable supreme being whose body encompasses the BioCosmos. Its will and vital life functions are communicated to the rest of the body through the Council of the Mind, who alone among the teeming trillions of cells are capable of comprehending its messages. There is a mysterious connection between the Host’s will and its inhabiting BioWarariors and cells that is manifested through their Biod life forces.


The fabled, ever-pulsating caverns, through which the air of life must travel in order for the BioCosmos to survive. It is one of the Cosmos’ most crucial sectors, and one of its most vulnerable as it is an opening to The Beyond. Its portals are often targeted by pathogens, and its forest-like terrain is aggressively defended by the BioWarriors.

Lymph Outpost

The Immune System’s complex of “satellite bases,” situated at numerous points throughout the BioCosmos. From these strongholds, the Informatory T-Cells gather intelligence sent to them by the Council of the Mind and use it to strategize and deploy the Immune Force, the BioWarriors.

Nervous System

The mammoth super highway through which messenger nerve cells travel, carrying information from one sector of the Cosmos to another at the speed of thought. Every thought, conscious and unconscious, travels through this endless array of the neural highway.

Spinal Ganglia

A twisting, dense forest-like cluster of nerve endings located at the base of The Great Spinal column of the BioCosmos. It is here that a rebellious messenger cell named Nero meets his tragic destiny.

Thalamic Chamber

The mythical, cathedral like space nestled between the twin hemispheres of the brain. Here, the supreme neuron cells known as The Council of the Mind receive and interpret thoughts, impulses, and emotions emitted by a brilliant corona of energy high above. In turn, they transmit this information throughout the BioCosmos by way of messenger nerve cells.


A collection of identical cells in function and form, that together comprise a larger whole. Tissue is one of the main structures of the BioCosmos, giving it mobile ability and more. When this tissue is infected or damaged during the Biowars, it is mended by Fibroblasts.