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Microscopic organisms that enter the BioCosmos from the Beyond. Some are dangerous, but many others are benign or even beneficial to their Hosts. They have the amazing ability to transfer genes and powers through the ancient ritual process of Conjugation. Through this a benign bacteria can mutate instantly into a life threatening pathogen.


A common nomad bacterial strain that is often found among the twisting, serpentine caverns of the BioCosmos’ Intestinal Sector. Most eColi tribes are peaceful and seek only warmth and succor, but some are dangerous and must be targeted and eliminated by the Immune System’s BioWarriors.


A germ, or pathogen, such as a bacteria or virus, whose presence and actions can be harmful to the health of the BioCosmos. The spread of a microbe within the BioCosmos can lead to a disease and ill health.


An infectious life form that infiltrates the BioComos from The Beyond and begins to replicate and spread. Gram negative bacteria and viruses are both pathogens as their presence is a menace and a poison to the health of the BioCosmos.


Nature’s most brutally efficient engine of destruction. Since time immemorial, these microscopic pathogens have been invading hosts, seizing control of their genetic structure, and twisting it to their own image—increasing their threat exponentially with each successive infection. Few life forms have proved as durable and adaptable as viruses, the dark side of the Survival of the Fittest.

Z-Kron Microbe

The genetically engineered microbe developed in the labs of The Combine. Its structure is as unique as it is insidious—a bacterium that carries within it the DNA of a deadly virus. Once absorbed into the skin, it kills within twelve hours—the exception being Alex Hawking, whose immune system powered by his will to survive successfully holds off the infection.