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Janice Lee

A young, hyper-ambitious journalist who becomes Alex Hawking’s unlikely ally in his struggle to expose The Combine. Sure that she’s found the story of the century and will ultimately be rewarded with respect and fame, she soon finds herself on the run, using her resourcefulness to survive.

Marcus Hawking

A famed researcher and idealist who discovers his friend and business partner, Ernst Kelso, has made a devil’s bargain with an evil cabal known as The Combine. When he learns some of their plans, The Combine targets him for assassination—but not before he passes on what he’s unearthed to his estranged son, Alex.

Ruan Jia

A major figure in the Chinatown underworld and Janice Lee’s estranged uncle. Jia is merciless, cunning, and vengeful. When he discovers The Combine is offering a reward for Janice and Alex, he recognizes a golden opportunity to increase his own power.

Senator Joel Ames

This U.S. Senator was a college friend of Marcus Hawking. When Hawking finds himself in The Combine’s crosshairs, he gives a USB drive containing their secrets to his son, Alex—and tells him to get it to Joel Ames, who is acclaimed for his honesty and social awareness. Ames is the only person in a position of power that Marcus trusts.

The Combine

A high tech cabal whose goal is to destroy and then rebuild human civilization around the principle of Survival of the Fittest. They’ve infiltrated the highest levels of government, business and law enforcement, and recruit only the most talented and driven individuals to join their ranks. In the way the Black Plague eventually gave rise to the Renaissance, The Combine envisions their Z-Kron Virus giving rise to a second Great Renaissance.

Clayton Boudreaux

Media mogul, restaurateur, and old friend of Janice Lee, this southern gentleman assumes a guardian angel type role to Janice and Alex. Though The Combine’s resources dwarf even his own, his old-fashioned beliefs will not allow him to abandon his friends—and he may have to pay the price for his loyalty.

Detective Lucius Goncalo

A twenty-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, Goncalo has become desensitized to the violence and corruption he faces daily. He thinks he’s seen it all—until he is called to a crime scene at an East Village restaurant. Soon, he’s hunting a young fugitive named Alex Hawking—though he senses there may be some greater force at work.

Dr. Eric Lansing

A hawkish, intolerant virologist employed by The Combine. Like all Combine scientists, he is one of the world’s most accomplished in his field, and he is one of the handful who understands the true power of the Z-Kron virus.

Dr. Ernst Kelso

A world famous scientific entrepreneur and visionary who is drawn into the orbit of a high tech secret society known as The Combine. Kelso worships at the altar of evolution, and believes that modern society has corrupted man’s potential. When he accepts The Combine’s funding for his and business partner Marcus Hawking’s biotech firm, it sets off a conflict that threatens to engulf the entire world.

Alex Hawking

A New York City college student who is drawn into conflict with the immensely powerful and secretive Combine, and whose body holds within it the vast BioCosmic Universe defended by the Biowarriors. Alex’s impatient, cocksure personality stands in stark contrast to that of his father, renowned scientist Marcus Hawking. What the two do share is great natural intellect and curiosity. When The Combine assassinates Marcus with the Z-Kron microbe, Alex contracts it as well—but survives. Now, he’s on the run, desperately fighting The Combine on the outside while his body’s immune system battles the Z-Kron virus within.

Camouflage Inducer

A high-tech instrument utilized by The Combine operatives to generate temporary holograms that disguise their appearance. When Janice Lee witnesses a Combine Agent activate his camouflage inducer, it convinces her that Alex Hawking may be telling the truth about his ordeal.

Taser Gun

An advanced handheld electronic weapon carried by The Combine Agents. Its charge can be adjusted to induce a full range of effects on Combine prey—from stunning to paralysis to termination.

The Major

The enigmatic and ruthless head of security for The Combine’s New York City headquarters. Her real name remains a mystery, but her skills as a hand-to-hand combatant, strategist, and taskmaster are legendary. After she targets Marcus Hawking for death, she soon finds herself hunting his son, Alex—and the chase is on.