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It’s A Virus Invasion!
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issue 3

We’re happy to announce that Biowars Issue #3: Virus Invasion is now available for free!  Now New York City’s most wanted fugitive, Alex Hawking, must put his faith in Janice’s multi-millionaire friend Clayton Boudreaux.  Will Boudreaux be able to protect Alex from the Combine and their enigmatic enforcer known only as The Major?  And whose side will the NYPD’s own Detective Lucius Goncalo end up on?

Meanwhile, inside of Alex’s body the BioWarriors appear to be gaining the upper hand against the microbial forces of Raze.  However, they realize their hubris when the Z-Kron pathogen reveals its true nature- Z-Kron is not just a bacterial infection, but also contains a viral component.

Will our heroes, both human and cellular, live to see another day?  Can they defeat the forces of the Combine and the deadly Z-Kron virus?  You’ll have to read the latest issue to find out!

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