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Cancerous Omni Cell
Dire threat to the BIOCOSMOS.
Ravenous, malicious, egocentric.
  • Possesses the knowledge and abilities of all BIOWARRIORS in the BIOCOSMOS, making him both powerful and dangerously smart.
  • Unique genetic makeup can “fool” Natural Killer Cells, rendering him essentially invisible to them.
  • Can genetically manipulate other cells, transforming them into zombie-like drones.
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Carcin Profile

Once, there was a humble Messenger Cell called Nero. Unlike his fellow couriers, he resented his unheralded but crucial role in the BIOCOSMOS. He craved the feeling of superiority that only comes from defeating an enemy in combat. When he saw the chance to achieve his goal, he seized it, with tragic results.

Outmatched in a one-on-one struggle with the pathogen leader, Viron, Nero was simultaneously infected by the virus and bombarded with radiation. He was left to die in excruciating pain, his body wracked by a slow and grotesque series of mutations. Time lost meaning; all that anchored him to reality was a sense of betrayal and the desire to strike back against his former BIOWARRIOR friends.

When his agony finally passed, he awoke in a new form. Seemingly infinite knowledge raced through his mind and unprecedented power surged through his body. No longer was he an anonymous messenger cell, though he still retained the abilities of one. And the abilities of a B-Cell. And a macrophage. And all types of cells in the Cosmos. Now, he is a cancerous Omni Cell who calls himself Carcin; and when he surveys the sweeping valleys and towering caverns of the BIOCOSMOS… all he sees is clay with which to mold his dominion.

When he thinks of the BIOWARRIORS whose approval he once yearned for, he chuckles. He’d wanted so badly to be one of them, and they’d dismissed him. He’d show more mercy; he’d transform them, body and soul, make them soldiers in his new army of darkness.

Glory will be his, on a scale he’d never dared to imagine in his old life.

what is neuron structure
Neurons are key to the function of the entire human body.

Messenger Cells

Nerve cells are vital in preserving the health of our bodies, both internally and externally.

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BIOWARS characters


Mutated Bacterium

Invasive pathogen, dire threat to the BIOCOSMOS.


BIOWARS characters


Messenger Cell

An agent of the Central Nervous System that travels at the speed of thought.

Sensurian 2

BIOWARS characters



Scathe is one of the BIOCOSMOS’ most ferocious defenders.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

Gamma-9 possesses the ability to analyze and isolate the origin of an infection.

Gamma 9

BIOWARS characters


Z-Kron Bacterium

Genetically enhanced bacterium that carries a deadly virus within.


BIOWARS characters


Fibroblast Medic BIOWARRIOR

Weaves healing webs that mend tissue damaged in battle.

sutura final

BIOWARS characters


Natural Killer Cell

Uses genetic scanners to reveal viruses hiding within any life form.

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