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From Comics to Combat – Meet the New Biowars: Invisible War Facebook App

Biowars Invisible War 635x359 1

As if you needed more of an excuse to spend your entire day on Facebook, Biowars is proud to introduce a scrolling shooter that will definitely take your attention away from your News Feed and place it solely on the human body’s battlefield.

Riding on the coattails of the acclaimed and growing catalogue of free Biowars digital comic books, the Biowars: Invisible War Facebook app puts you in charge of the stories’ heroes, who need your help waging war against a horde of nefarious pathogens. It’s a battle for life and livelihood – are you strong enough to step up to the challenge?

Let’s find out as we take a look at a few of the ever-important details that comic book fans and gamers crave.

Invisible War Good Guys 2

 The Good

You better start munching on your baby carrots now, because you’re going to need all the vitamins and minerals you can get when you’re assisting Phagien, Humron, Blastor, Sensurian and a whole host of other noble warriors working to defeat the alien threat.

Your mission? To save the BioCosmos from utter destruction. Thankfully, you are well equipped with powerful weaponry and a BioWarrior companion at your side as you run and fly your way through level after level of dangerous pathogens – so be sure to keep your aim tight and hit those baddies where it hurts. And don’t forget to level up your characters along the way, as well as skillfully utilizing your companion’s innate super ability, unless you really enjoy the heart pounding punishment.

Invisible War Bad Guys

The Bad

Let’s face it, these are the kinds of creatures that nightmares are made of, and they’re only the beginning. Meet the Bacterias you’ll be facing in the Biowars: Invisible War Facebook app. We’ve only shown one of them above so as to not send you shrieking from your computer or handheld device, but believe us when we say these are some of the most awful pathogenic monsters you will ever encounter. Or are they…?

Invisible War Ugly Guys

The Ugly

We certainly didn’t mean to mislead you, but you’ll be glad we eased you into what is coming next. You are now sitting face-to-face with 7 of the nastiest, most destructive and insidious beings in the BioCosmos. We nearly hesitated at showing you a single one of these bad boys, but by now you should be fairly well-equipped to begin your mission. You are, right? Of course you are.

These are THE BOSSES. While shooting your way through more than 24 levels of pure internal chaos, you will eventually earn your way to battling with the wicked overseer of a single level in an epic Boss Battle. And the fight won’t continue until you put this foe in its proper place, so if you need some support on getting them taken out, be sure to visit the Monstropedia inside the Facebook game app for some helpful tips.

Biowars Invisible War Leaderboard

The Battle Rages On!

Not only do you get to take on invading pathogens in Biowars: Invisible War, but you also get to compete with friends and other players around the world for the highest score and some BioCosmic street cred. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a BioWarrior? Get started now and find out!


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