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Comic Book Character Flashback: Rorschach

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Flashback to a classic comic book character, Rorschach. Born Walter Joseph Kovacs, he had quite the upbringing, ending up under state care at a young age.  Walter Kovacs wholeheartedly embraces his identity as that of Rorschach, his superhero alter ego that stresses the fine line between good and evil.

A small man, standing only 5ft 6 and 140 pounds, he uses his brilliance and tough nature combined with his immense resourcefulness to be a strong contender against crime, but on his own terms, of course. Rorschach fights crime while managing to defy the law at the same time, often practicing brutal and sometimes cruel punishment tactics on criminals.

His mask, inspired by the infamous inkblot tests of Hermann Rorschach, consists of two liquids between layers of latex, allowing the ink to shift with varying heat and pressure conditions, giving him an ever-changing mask design. In a true Rorschach manner, the colors of black and white never mix on his mask, only showing black and white, never gray.  As he considers the mask to be his true face, it further strengthens Kovac’s character of Rorschach, as he believes that it is the better version of him as he fights crime to make the world a better place.

Rorschach’s behavior has ended him in jail at one point in time, as his crime-fighting ways often vary from the typical ones by law enforcement, including electrocution, burning, and more.  This crime-fighter dishes out punishment in ways that only he sees fit, with others often disagreeing with his tactics, as he is often harsher than many would prefer, often times leading them to their death as payment for their wrongdoings.

What do YOU think- In perfect Rorschach fashion, is he good or evil, with no gray areas?




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